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More Gas in Your Engine: A Network Lecture

We are so pleased to invite you to the first Network Introductory Lecture at Vibrant Body Wellness!… Print a flyer and post it at your favorite places! Need More Gas in Your Engine? Tired of Running on Empty? Most of us look to medications or vitamins or […]

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Not Settling for Perfect

It’s my belief that most of the time, most people try to do their best. For some, it is a constant struggle for perfection. That is to say, their best is never quite good enough or their effort is never quite acknowledged (for themselves) as the best […]

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Celebrate the Puffballs of the World

I had the tremendous pleasure of viewing this 22 minute film by Dewitt Jones, called “Celebrate What’s Right with the World.” Mr. Jones is a photographer who worked for the National Geographic, and describes how the vision and mission of that magazine helped to shape his life. […]

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Practitioner Meet-Up!

Vibrant Body Wellness is hosting a first-time event for holistic health and wellness practitioners! Acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more will gather together on Sunday, June 15th, to hear a presentation on Network Care and our Wellness Model, and to explore the potential for beginning […]

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It’s All About You

What’s beautiful about relationships is the way they take you to the next level in yourself. Those of us on the road to self-realization and self-actualization often become experts at managing ourselves. We get to a point where we know our idiosyncracies–what bugs us, how we like […]

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On the Importance of Being a Cheap Date

The key to being happy more of the time is learning how to be a cheap date. Cheap dates get a bad rap, but really there is nothing better than discovering a simple recipe for what works for you, and then getting good at enjoying it. Let […]

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Being Your Own Boss Sucks

There comes a point in the healing journey when we can no longer deny that we are the most responsible for what’s gone wrong in our lives. That’s not to say that external circumstances and other people’s actions have not affected us. But we are the only […]

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Interactive Calendar for You!

We are so pleased to announce an interactive calendar on the Vibrant Body Wellness website. Up-to-date appointment times and changes to the schedule are now available. As always, please call or email to make an appointment! Powered by Google, you can also add this calendar to your […]

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Vibrant Body Wellness Blog

As some of you may know, I have been publishing a Network wellness blog since the beginning of this year, with new entries more or less every week. To come out of the closet about it ; ), I have decided to try out a monthly email […]

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Staying in Balance Will Kill You

To build a sustainable life, and to improve the quality of that life, we have less use for balance than most of us think. Actually, what most of us think is that balance will help us to feel less uncomfortable, or at least give us some control […]

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