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Transformation in an Instant!

It takes time to change. That’s what I tell myself sometimes, when I’m chickening out of doing what I know I must. Or when I’m thinking about how I feel rather than feeling it, or sometimes when I’m just not ready yet, I console myself with the […]

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Want to Surrender?

Relating with your body starts with questions like, “What is that?” and “Where does that come from?” Like any relationship, we begin with discovery and getting to know parts of us that are unfamiliar or have been forgotten along the way. Getting acquainted with your body and […]

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When is Pain Good, and When is it a Pain? (Part 2 of 2)

(Continued from Part 1 of 2) The higher centers of our brain are what physiologically defines us as human beings. Our capacity for compassion and self-reflection, for faith and understanding, is housed in these parts of our nervous system that are only available to us when the […]

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When is Pain Good, and When is it a Pain? (Part 1 of 2)

Pain is designed to be compelling. A nerve ending that is dying will send pain signals in a final effort to keep itself alive. Pain stops you in your tracks and captures your attention like nothing else. It warns you that something is wrong, and we quickly […]

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The Trouble with Healing

(Continuing from the beginning of this thread on curing and healing, posted last year…) When your sense of safety is threatened, curing symptoms can be critical in moving out of a defended state. The fight-flee-or-freeze response is inherent in our bodies whenever we perceive a threat or […]

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The beauty of developing a rich and textured relationship with your body is the clarity with which you know when you’re not doing what you know you must. When your behavior is incongruent with what is required by the life you want, the body distorts. It must […]

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Neuroplasticity and You

We’re born with the major interstates and highways in place. That is, at birth, our nervous system has developed its primary trunks–the ones for breathing and simple digestion, basic reflexes and survival instincts. During the first one to two years, our nervous system continues to GROW AND […]

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Meet Your Shadow

As winter continues, there is ample opportunity to experience, grapple with, or despair over our shadow aspects. No matter how many times I’ve faced my own dark, difficult parts, it seems to always take me by surprise, the stark fear, the strength of my resistance. Someone once […]

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Out of the pressure cooker, and into the crockpot…?

If you’re like me, then your life contains quite a bit of pressure–to get everything done, to not make a mistake, to not fall off the bandwagon (of diets, workout routines, self-care regimens, changes to old habits). Self-imposed pressure cooker living is how I’ve conducted much of […]

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Getting in My Own Way

Alas, though I had the best of intentions–weekly blogposts, Curing-then-Healing-then-Reorganizing, I steered myself smack dab in the middle of inaction. I had grand plans and a clear vision of the structure of these blogposts, but it seems I tripped myself up: no posts since September! For the […]

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