Teresa-Headshot.jpgVibrant Body Wellness is passionate about personal and community healing, vitality, and (r)evolution. Our practice has a unique culture of real talk and getting to the heart of what life is calling you to be, do, and have.

Wouldn’t it be great to relieve pain and revitalize your body, while re-connecting with and re-igniting your life? Vibrant Body Wellness employs a unique approach that focuses on the physical, mental/emotional, and energetic components that get you and your body functioning at optimum levels.

Dr. Teresa Lau, DC, has a passion for the beauty and richness life has to offer, and she is committed to awakening the embodied expression of that aliveness through quantum community transformation and healing. She is an expert in real-world health, stress solutions, and personal empowerment to bring more energy and happiness back into your life.

Dr. T has been immersed in the practice of Network Spinal Analysis for over twenty-two years, first as a practice member and then as a practitioner for the last thirteen years.  She has deep experience with this cutting edge holistic healing work, and has seen thousands of lives transformed by our body’s innate intelligence to know itself, heal itself, and create an ever expanding world of possibilities. At Vibrant Body Wellness, we are dedicated to changing the way we take care of ourselves and each other.

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