my story


I was once upon a time a successful software developer. Just out of school and starting my career, I was plagued almost every morning with intense neck pain that was so bad I couldn’t turn my head to whatever side had seized up that day. I tried sleeping on different pillows, I used ice packs and heating pads to loosen it up, I asked friends to massage my shoulders every chance I got. Sometimes it helped, but always the pain came back. After four months of putting up with it, I finally thought to myself, “You’re 22 years old and having this kind of pain. What kind of shape are you going to be in at 82?”Teresa-Photo

A friend of mine offers me a chance to try out her new doctor for free. After hearing her story about not having to wear the heel lift she had been sporting for the past 40 years after just one visit, I decided to give it a try. The doctor takes my history, does a physical exam, looks at my posture, and then ‘adjusts’ me. Not only does the adjustment not hurt, it seems like all she does is gently touch my neck and my low back in a couple of places. When I get up, I feel deeply relaxed and my neck doesn’t hurt anymore. Best of all, I can turn my head to back out of my parking spot! As I continue to get chiropractic care, I start to notice my posture, a LOT. I had never paid attention before, and now I couldn’t help hearing the messages my body was sending me. But there’s more…

I also start making better choices in my life—from eating healthier to exercising more. My connection with my body is growing, and with it I am becoming more and more clear about who I am. That inner voice of guidance was getting louder.
And finally, I couldn’t deny its truth any longer—I needed to go to chiropractic school and learn to share this amazing work with my community.