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It’s always fresh, new – bringing new thoughts and feelings, and experiences to the surface. The environment is loving, comfortable, and inviting.


I love the holistic connecting between mind, body, heart; inside world and outside world, and I like how this care is given in a simple, straightforward, ‘no nonsense’ manner – nothing “Airy Fairy” about it!


Dr. Teresa creates such a safe space for growth in her studio. I deeply trust her knowledge and skillfulness. This work communicates with your core being.


My posture has improved greatly! I was blown away by the difference in the photos that were taken when I began and those that were taken at the next evaluation. I am much straighter and put much less stress on my body. My aches and pains are greatly reduced and I feel overall much better.


The change has been dramatic. I have a lot more energy. I sleep much better; I am centered in my body. My anxiety is nearly gone. I am happy, happier than I have been in a long time. Grateful to Dr. T!


Participating in Network Care has made me more aware of myself and surroundings. Specifically, the SRI has made me feel more alive and taller!

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