Don’t Drive Looking in the Rear-view Mirror

In many healing modalities, our pasts and childhoods become a source of answers for all the “why” questions that inevitably come up. Why do I feel this way? Why does this hurt? Why do I keep choosing these things? So often we think that the reasons behind our current choices and circumstances are hidden in our past. But focusing exclusively on the past is like driving down the freeway with your eyes glued to the rear-view mirror! The truth is, there is no healing for you in the past. The past is a collection of facts that your powerful mind arranges into stories that are applied to your present behavior. All that is real and tangible from the past is what you carry in your body in the present moment.

Whenever we make a choice that is incongruent with our true nature, and whenever we experience something that our nervous system deems too dangerous or threatening, the body necessarily distorts as the experience or natural flow of energy is disrupted. Your fight-or-flight response kicks in for immediate protection/survival, and your emotional brain or limbic system takes it from there, modulating what you are aware of from then on. The emotional brain literally controls what you are able to perceive by altering the threshold for sensory nerve signals from your body to your cerebral cortex. And as the range of what you are able to perceive narrows, so does the range of what you are able to feel. The information and energy from “out of range” experiences are rerouted to your body and spine, stored for future reference.

NSA entrainments teach the body’s nervous system strategies for safety and then for transformation, and what you could not experience in the past becomes available again. Sometimes called retracing, it’s important to note that accessing this stored information and energy is not a return to the past for healing. It is your body’s current certainty of its capacity to survive those emotions and energy that enables you to connect and transform tension into fuel for change in the present moment. The past experiences that you froze in time and carried in your body through time and space are able to play themselves out Here and Now. You are able to finish what was started because you are now resourceful enough to be present for it!

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