How can this benefit me and the people I care about? Why the spine?

Chiropractors and specifically Network Practitioners understand the highly responsive and wise nature of the nerve system and spine. Together, the brain, spinal cord, and the surrounding structures of the spine are the link between the brain and body giving meaning to experiences, coordinating healing and resources, creating changes internally and externally within our bodies and lives.

Function – Self-healing, muscle contraction, organ function, hormone balance
Emotion – The ability to express a full range of emotions, to access emotion to create change
Sense of Self – Feeling confident, what it means to ‘‘be yourself’’
Behavior – Negative habits such as smoking, diet or alcohol, daily routines and rituals
Consciousness – Being self-aware, being present, living joyfully, contribution to others

What results can I expect, and how soon will I feel better?

Every visit at our office is focused on getting you in sync with YOU.  That’s why “entrainment” is what we call the Network chiropractic adjustment.  During your entrainment a wave-like deepening of your breath and subtle rocking of your spine will synchronize to help your body release tension it is holding.  Network spinal entrainment has been shown to help the central nervous system “reorganize” and liberate the energy bound up in your body as tension.

You can expect to feel immediately more relaxed and loose after your first entrainment.  You may notice that your breathing becomes deeper and easier too. In most cases, your pain and tension will be reduced within a short time.  But this is just the beginning.

As your body shifts out of fight or flight mode, you’ll notice a sense of inner calm and peace. This allows you to feel more resourceful and less reactive, with more mental clarity. As the “Respiratory Wave” pleasantly unwinds tension in your spine you will notice more flexibility and fluidity. Many practice members tell us they have to adjust their rear view mirror because they get taller.

How can I be sure this will work for me?

The best way to find out if our process will work for you is just to try it out! We’ve worked with thousands of people and in most cases people begin to feel positive changes within several visits, and many times even after just one visit. We do our best to educate you about what is happening and we’ll explain in detail what you can expect and how long it will take to reach your goals. Although our state licensing board doesn’t permit us to guarantee results regarding specific symptoms, we’re confident that you’ll immediately know if you’re in the right place by the way you’re treated and the way you feel after the sessions.

What is Network Spinal?

Simply put, Network Spinal is a holistic, self healing modality that focuses on our body’s innate intelligence to know ourselves, heal ourselves, connect & release tension, and walk in the world of possibilities. Through specific, low-force contacts along our spine, our brain is assisted to become in becoming aware of places of ease, comfort, or peace. This new awareness opens the way to finding new strategies of being and responding and living. This approach of self awareness and conscious connection to our bodies assumes that our bodies are extremely intelligent. We assume that our bodies have the wisdom to heal our selves given the resources.

Learn more about Network Spinal Analysis on DaoCloud- The Social Network for Wellness

What is Somato Respiratory Integraton?

Specific, focused awareness of our body movement, along with our breathing helps us to gain more access to the wisdom that our body and mind have gathered in our life’s experiences. Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is described in the book, The 12 Stages of Healing, written by Donald Epstein. SRI combines with Network Spinal to propel us into new and exciting possibilities.

My back “went out,” and I am in a lot of pain. Can you help me?

Yes, absolutely I can help you. Oftentimes acute or chronic symptoms are our body’s last ditch effort to get our attention. Just stopping and paying attention to your body can significantly shift the intensity and experience of the pain. NSA and SRI help your nervous system to come out of the fight-or-flight state. By teaching our body to connect and release tension on its own, many and various symptoms fade and some disappear altogether. It’s different for everyone. For some people one entrainment produces a huge shift and for others it takes more time. I use my clinical skills and assessments to teach your nervous system new strategies for dealing with stress. When your back “goes out,” it is identifying itself as the weak link. If your body has more tools to dissipate tension, if your body has more strategies to release stress, we don’t have to wait for the weak link to fail. I coach you in making the changes and taking the action that your body needs to move itself out of defense and onto the path of healing.

I’ve been in a car accident.  I did get stiff the next day.  But I think I’m ok.  I’ve been feeling kind of “off” ever since though. Is this something I should worry about?

Car accidents, no matter how minor they seem, are pretty significant sources of trauma. Anyone who has experienced an impact in a car knows the shock and jarring force that is involved, even at low speeds. Anytime we experience trauma, our body goes into a fight-or-flight response. Our eyes dilate, our heart pumps faster, our blood is directed to our muscles, and the higher thinking centers of our brain are effectively “taken offline.” Our bodies move into survival mode, and our lower instinctual brain takes over. That’s how we are designed and physically wired. While this state is a natural response to trauma, what’s important for optimal recovery is how quickly we can move out of that defended state and into a healing one. The best thing to do is to have your spine and your self assessed within the first 72 hours of the accident. That is the window of time that sets the stage for the quality of your body’s healing.