Launch! The new website is here.

Welcome to the new Vibrant Body Wellness website!  This has been a looooooong time coming, and there are lots of people to thank for contributing over the years (yes, years) of development.

I actually wrote my first website myself, using HTML and some Adobe software that is now obsolete. 🙂

That was back when my computer software programming career was still close enough in the rear-view mirror for me to think I could do some simple coding and graphic design.  And it was also back when I thought I needed to do most things on my own.  It’s an easy thought to have, especially when you’re starting a solo practice, and it doesn’t seem like anyone around you gets the magnitude and minutiae of what you’re doing.

But like almost everything I’ve thought I had to do by myself, eventually the truth comes out–the best thing I can do for myself is let people in, let people help, and let isolation become vulnerability.

So THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged, participated, nudged, reminded, took on, and came through for this new website!  In particular, but in no particular order–Querido, Mia, Adriana, Cindy, Vanessa, Miwo, Sudeep, Jaime, Jason, Jessica, Linda, Sharon, Elmo, Tania, and Bekkah.

Please do put your feedback on the website in the Comments section below!