On the Importance of Being a Cheap Date

The key to being happy more of the time is learning how to be a cheap date. Cheap dates get a bad rap, but really there is nothing better than discovering a simple recipe for what works for you, and then getting good at enjoying it. Let me be clear: I’m not advocating that you settle for second best or water down your desires to minimal satisfaction. On the contrary, I encourage you to cultivate the places that give you the good stuff, the super-charged juicy juice that also comes easy for you. Imagine having access to energy that is continuously renewed rather than depleted, energy that seems to become more abundant the more we use it.

We all have ways of using and moving our energy–whether it’s mental, emotional, or spiritual–that we are familiar with. They are supported by the physiological structure of our bodies and spines, and they are repeated and reinforced by our perception of the world through those filters. They are strategies that we’ve developed over time and from experience, usually in response to external demands and expectations. Unfortunately, because we often choose our strategies to avoid fear and harm, they also tend to be hard work to maintain. These defense strategies are very effective in the short-term, and simply not sustainable as tools for creating and celebrating your best life.

Network care, and SRI in particular (Somato-Respiratory Integration), gives you the opportunity to develop new strategies, anchored in your spine and physiology, that connect with your internal guidance system. With our body and awareness as our guide, we discover what our personal recipe is for boundless energy and ultimately, deep meaning in our life. Progressing through Network care allows for more and more refinement, effectiveness, and efficiency with these strategies. Not only do external stressors and influences derail us less, but our capacity to manifest and express the richness on the inside becomes our greatest resource. We learn to tap what’s most easeful, to shape all that brimming potential, and to marvel at the gifts that reveal themselves as ours to give.

So, who wants to be a cheap date now?

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