Our office is a peaceful and rejuvenating environment that puts you at ease right away. Your first two visits are a unique opportunity to discuss your health concerns from a holistic perspective. Unlike most doctor’s offices that only look at what’s wrong with you, Vibrant Body Wellness focuses on cultivating and energizing what’s already working well and resourceful in you.

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Getting started at Vibrant Body Wellness includes two visits:

Visit 1

  • consultation and comprehensive history about your health and life
  • computerized postural assessment
  • Network Spinal Analysis and chiropractic examination

Your first hour-long visit begins with a comprehensive interview about your health history and energetic constitution. Together we discover what is at the heart of the change your body and life are calling for. Next, your posture, spine, and nervous system are assessed with photos and a gentle, hands-on examination. This is an interactive process that gives you an in-depth experience of how you hold tension and how you hold ease.

Visit 2

  • report of exam and postural findings
  • care plan recommendations to meet your health goals

Your exam and postural assessment findings are presented at the second visit. We discuss specific recommendations for meeting your health goals and priorities, and introduce you to how care is delivered in our office.

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