Staying in Balance Will Kill You

To build a sustainable life, and to improve the quality of that life, we have less use for balance than most of us think. Actually, what most of us think is that balance will help us to feel less uncomfortable, or at least give us some control over it. Often I hear people talk about wanting to find and maintain balance in their lives, and balance is also commonly touted as one of the outcomes of healing. But the idea of being in this kind of constant equilibrium is a myth.

The truth is that nothing in nature ever maintains a static balance; everything is always changing and adapting. In fact, if your heart rate doesn’t fluctuate at all for more than a minute, you will likely die within the following minute. The reason is a non-fluctuating heart rate exists only in a non-responsive system–your body is no longer receiving or responding to the dynamic input from its internal and external environment. If you are no longer changing and adapting, you are no longer living in a sustainable way.

Look to increasing your capacity instead, for both the chaos and the order in your life.
Rather than trying to create a world and a life in which balance is paramount, our resources are better spent improving other qualities:

  • Flexibility, so it doesn’t hurt as much when we move to or from extreme states, and so we can more easily shift into and out of stress, defense, healing, and growth.
  • Adaptability, so our experiences and life’s lessons can be received for the opportunities they are to develop and deepen our strategies for connection and awakening.
  • Resiliency, so we are able to respond to changes in our established course with more grace, and so we are able to make room for the gifts and miracles no matter how uncomfortable, messy, or unseemly the situation may be.

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