The Incredible Gift of One Woman’s Stroke

This 18-minute presentation has made its rounds on the email forwarding circuit, and it is my pleasure to share it with you!

Jill Bolte-Taylor: My Stroke of Insight

Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the telling of this woman’s story of stroke, this neuroanatomist’s witnessing of her own central nervous system degeneration, but also this message beautifully captures a facet of why I practice Network Spinal Analysis!

The strategies we learn with Network care build the foundation, expertise, and grace in our nervous systems to move and choose between the two “channels” of our brains. We learn to experience the intelligences of both halves of our brain, allowing us to simultaneously be separate, individual selves (left hemisphere) and be seamless, connected beings (right hemisphere). And like the storyteller, I too believe that each person’s ability and capacity to embody their whole self moves from the inside out to make a better world, that “the more time we spend running the deep inner peace circuitry” of our nervous systems, the more peace we will bring to the world.


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