Transformation in an Instant!

It takes time to change. That’s what I tell myself sometimes, when I’m chickening out of doing what I know I must. Or when I’m thinking about how I feel rather than feeling it, or sometimes when I’m just not ready yet, I console myself with the notion that change takes months, years, or even lifetimes. It’s okay for me to be in the same job, the same dead-end relationship, the same therapy about my childhood. I tell myself I’m making progress, and maybe I am. But the truth is, Real Change–the sustainable, empowering, and lasting kind of transformation, that happens in an instant.

Think about it:
If transformation really took more than a moment, if our minds had any opportunity to spin back-story, analyze angles, or investigate reasons, it would never happen! That we have, as a species, ever transformed shows us that Real Change is not a process but an event, not a developed narrative but a flash of awakening. Transformation does not come to us via sound plans; it comes only by convicted decisions.

Now, I know your mind is already piping up–there is a physical reality to change. Losing weight and landing the dream job and making a million dollars take time. But these are external realities, which really only change when your internal landscape supports something other than what has been. The most compelling thing about instantaneous transformation is that YOU are different, even if everything else materially remains the same. The way you relate to your surroundings, the choices you make, the point of view you take, these are changed in a moment. And then those external realities must change; that is simply how matter and energy work. When you transform, your being no longer tolerates any external circumstances that don’t match, and the universe provides more appropriate accommodations!

This kind of Real Change requires three elements to be congruent with each other, and with the new state of being you seek. Structure, behavior, and perception constitute the Triad of Change, as developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of NSA. More on that in a future post…

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