VBW has moved!

We’re sure you can feel it: This office move is just the beginning of our adventure!

We know that things can never stay as they are, not even the beautiful space we called home for the last four years.  The ARTech Building plans to turn its second floor into apartments, which meant Vibrant Body Wellness couldn’t stay.  We did our best to love up that spacious haven for healing and growth, but in the end, it was clear that changes would be needed on the outside and the inside — organizing and packing things up in boxes, and reorganizing and reimagining the way we take care of people.

So now we’ve officially moved!  The great news is our new location is just a couple blocks away, and the even greater news is that we’re not stopping there.  The journey and season of Transform continues for VBW, with our biggest leap yet: manifesting a permanent home for our practice and community.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, well-wishes, and help along this process!  You can find us for the time being at:

map-pic2070 Allston Way, Suite 202
Berkeley, CA 94704

Come on by and say hello!